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Competition promotes change, explores three major changes in water purifier environment
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Water pollution is called the "world's number one killer". Why do you say that? According to surveys by authoritative institutions in the world, in developing countries, 80% of all kinds of diseases are spread by drinking unsanitary water. At least 20 million people die every year because of unhygienic water.

Competition promotes change, explores three major changes in water purifier environment(图1)

In the past few years, the desert construction chemical plant caused water pollution incidents to cause social concern. Some high-water-consuming enterprises such as chemical, printing and dyeing, papermaking, etc. will use a large amount of groundwater to meet the production water, which will inevitably lead to a drop in the water table. This is a disaster for desert plants that live on groundwater. Coupled with some unscrupulous enterprises, the pollutants are directly discharged into the sand pit, which is more serious to the desert groundwater. Because the sand has large particle size and large gap, once the sewage is infiltrated, it will reach the groundwater layer very quickly, and the pollution is extremely precious. Groundwater and underground lakes. If the dry waste is buried directly in the desert, once it rains, the waste will also quickly dissolve the pollutants, and then it will infiltrate the groundwater with the rain. Once desert groundwater is contaminated, repairs are almost impossible.

        In the arid regions of the Northwest, especially in the desert, drinking water such as people and livestock basically depends on groundwater, such as the Kaner Well in Xinjiang. The quality of groundwater is closely related to the health of people and livestock. Drinking dirty water will increase the burden on all organs of the body, which is equal to chronic suicide.

Competition promotes change, explores three major changes in water purifier environment(图2)

As far as the current water purifier market is concerned, in addition to the mainstream cities in the first line, the water purifiers are more concerned, and Ningxia, Xinjiang, Tianjin, Liaoning and other regions pay more attention to water purifiers. Some cities mainly solve the problem of secondary pollution of water quality. For example, some pipelines are in disrepair for a long time, aging, rusting, and materials are not up to standard, and some surface flows have pollution sources. During the water supply process of high-rise buildings, the tap water stays in the water tank and water tower for too long, the residual chlorine in the water disappears, the microorganisms breed, and the water tank does not clean for a long time, which causes the heavy metals and organic substances flowing out of the tap to exceed the standard. Ningxia, Xinjiang and other places are to solve the problem of water quality itself. In recent years, the problem of drinking high-arsenic water in these places has affected the affected population of about 2 million people. Long-term consumption of water with excessive arsenic causes arsenic poisoning, which may lead to a variety of cancers.

        In order to solve everyone's drinking water and water problems, in the past, the government came forward to build drinking water safety projects, but now with water purifier equipment, it is no longer a difficult problem to drink water safely. As the extracorporeal kidney of the human body, the water purifier protects the healthy drinking water of the family!

        Finally, I have always believed in a message that I can't change the big environment, change the small environment, do what I can, just as you can't change the water pollution in the big environment, but you can change your own drinking water environment, let The family is safe to drink water and drink with confidence.