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Analysis of water purifier penetration rate and competition trend in China at the present stage
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The development of anything must go through a process of twists and turns. The development of the water purifier industry is the same as that of other industries. It has experienced several ups and downs. Although the current domestic household water purifiers are still relatively low, they are far less than 70% of the clean water in countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. The household penetration rate of equipment is less than 8% in China. The water purifier penetration rate is low, there is no domestic demand, and there is no capacity supply. Judging from the consumer's reaction, it is not without demand, but “fear”! Generally speaking, China's water purifier products have low penetration rate and are mainly willing to three major factors:

Analysis of water purifier penetration rate and competition trend in China at the present stage(图1)

Consumer awareness is blurred, drinking habits are different


Although more and more people are paying attention to water purification equipment, on the whole, there is still a cognitive blurring stage in the overall consumption awareness of water purification products by Chinese people. The current market situation of water purifiers is that consumers have demand but there is no product that can really meet the requirements of use. The habits of developed countries in Europe and America for hundreds of years have been to directly drink raw water, and the traditional habit of China is to drink boiled water. In the eyes of Europeans, tap water is water that can be drunk directly, and drinking water standards in Europe are uniform, whether it is tap water or bottled water.


Production companies have proliferated, and there are mixed


Due to the optimistic view of the industry, more and more companies have entered the water purifier industry in recent years. There are already more than 3,000 manufacturers of water purification products in China. This number will increase in the past two years, and the competition among enterprises is becoming more and more fierce. And many companies do not have product development and technological innovation capabilities, product homogenization is more serious, there is no modern testing equipment, product quality control capabilities are limited, after-sales service can not keep up, etc., these problems become the problem faced by dealers after joining.


The development of water purification technology is relatively backward


Although China's water purifier production enterprises have exceeded 3,000, most of the enterprise technology development is relatively backward, and there are too few enterprises that can have independent research and development capabilities and fully master core manufacturing technologies.


Although the competition in the water purifier industry is gradually increasing, the number of water purifier manufacturers will continue to decrease, but this will not only reduce the competitiveness of the water purifier industry, but will continue to increase. There are mainly the following reasons:


1. Nowadays, the water purifier industry has developed to a certain stage. The market competition has become the main battleground for all the water purification brands, and the more advanced marketing mode has become a powerful weapon for the water purifier brand to occupy the market. In the future, the water purifier industry will gradually cultivate a large number of professional marketing and marketing planning teams, which brands can be the first to attract these professional teams, and will be able to lay a solid talent reserve for future development. It turns out that at this stage of the water purifier industry, if the water purifier brand has a professional marketing team and planning team, it will have a clear initiative in the competition.


2, companies or brands that can survive the scuffle, have a certain strength, no one who will easily give up a good ranking to attract consumers' attention and improve their brand influence; It is an inevitable choice for the development of the industry. Only by continuously increasing internal competition can we continue to complete the general law of the development of the survival of the fittest. Therefore, the competition for the future water purifier ranking will not only weaken, but will become more intense.